Out of the 4 fashion Capitals of the world, it’s safe to say that Newyork is the most bustling. The United States is an amalgamation of all the diverse cultures, people, generations, and lifestyles, and as the saying goes, Fashion is a representation of the lifestyle, American fashion is also a representation of various genres, styles, trends, silhouettes, and subcultures.

At Deepwear USA, we believe in offering our services to the American fashion industry for products across all categories like Garments, Bags, Shoes, Accessories, Jewelry, Textiles, home textiles,  and lifestyle products. As a fashion Consulting firm, our services at Deepwear US include Design consultation, Market research, Designing, Tech Packs, Sourcing, Production management, Quality control, Imaging, Buying, Distribution, and logistics.


As a fashion mentoring agency in the USA, we tap into this diverse culture to offer you first-person updates of all the latest trends and directions. We believe in creating a more comfortable medium of communication and wanted to be in the geographical and cultural territory of our clients, talking and working with them in their own time zones. Our services are designed in a way that they can assist you from the inception of your brand till the final sales of your products. We create custom packages depending on the requirements of the brand.

Our New York office is located in one of the prime locations of New York, the Broadway Paramount building.

To discuss your brand ideas, concepts, production timelines and to create a customized service plan, visit our New York office today or book a virtual appointment.

Fashion Sourcing services in USA


We all know, that choosing the right materials for your designs is absolutely crucial for the success of any collection. At Deepwear US, we can assist you with sourcing the best materials for your products, be it cotton from India or Turkey, Pearls from Indonesia, PU leather from China, Silver jewelry from Thailand etc, we can assist you to source them. We have our own exclusive team of local and international members in all the prime production locations of the world. As a Jewelry, garment and footwear sourcing company in USA, we can give you the most competitive pricing without compromising on security, reliability and quality. 

We can source, create and provide the right materials from all across the globe to brands and labels all over America. 

Whether you want to source materials, for your new collection or want to find alternative suppliers, contact us and let us help you.


Manufacturing globally in a different country can be exhausting, and Deepwear US aims in reducing this hesitation and makes international manufacturing accessible and easy. whether you need to manufacture Sneakers from China, Jewelry from Thailand, rugs from India, Suits from Bulgaria, espadrilles from Spain, Raffia baskets from Morocco, or Leather products from Portugal, we can be an extension of your team living and working in the production country to ensure everything happens smoothly. Our aim is to bring Global accessories and garment manufacturing companies to US directories and to bring American apparel manufacturers to the world. Our aim is to have a well-established network of Fashion manufacturers in the USA and to make the “Made in the USA” label more accessible and known. We understand the importance and need of ethical and sustainable practices in our supply chain, and to ensure that the suppliers and factories we work with are in compliance with the social, environmental, and ethical norms, we personally and physically audit every single factory that we offer to our clients.

Fashion Manufacturing services in USA

Moving towards a better supply chain

Fashion Photography services in USA

Global fashion buying from the USA
Not just Sourcing materials, and manufacturing products, as Fashion buying agency in the USA, we at Deepwear also provide buying options to brands, retailers, and buyers. With our easy accessibility to global wholesale markets through our 15 International branches, we can buy products for your brand, label, or retail stores in the United States.

Fashion design services in the US, for the world
We also provide tech pack designing services in the USA for brands in and around America. We offer design consultancy, trend forecasts, tech pack services, grading, Print design, Graphic design, and illustration services for all product categories.

Let us help you with Fashion Imaging
Post design, manufacturing, and sourcing, Deepwear can also help brands with their Imaging. With our in-house graphic design team, we can help you with your branding, packaging. Our network of Fashion photographers can display your products the way you intended them to, with the help of Photoshoots, catalogs, video shoes, editorial shoots, etc.