Sourcing Service

With our own Deepwear offices / European and local teams presence in Australia, Portugal, Thailand, India, China & Turkey, we are able to source products and suppliers right across Europe and Asia.

We designed our sourcing service to help guide, counsel, and protect you in these areas.

We can source suppliers, products, fabrics, and handle any type of research operations needed for your fashion projects.

We can also establish reports for you to compare and analyze on different possibilities regarding all critical points in the process needed adapted to the country you want to operate from, including quotations, custom clearances, logistics, etc…

Our Sourcing service covers the following:

– Study client’s sourcing requirement /brief and create an appropriate sourcing strategy.

– Identify viable supplier(s) based on quality, cost & delivery requirements of the client;

– Review item information; establish procurement plan;

– Supplier Short listing & Verification

– Create & issue RFQ (Request for Quotation) packages to suppliers;

– Negotiation: Using our multilingual negotiators and eliminating middlemen, we can often reduce prices by 5% to 50%.

– Convert received supplier quotation(s) to standardized form for review & approval by client;

– Obtain any Non-disclosure, or other necessary agreements, required to introduce and/or move business prospects forward with supplier(s);

– Provide client with product/ item/ factory quality reports.

For each customer brief, we analyze and identify the most suitable country and possibilities, ensuring the best possible results.

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