Our founder & CEO

Thoray d’Haese Sacoor

Deepwear was founded by Thoray in 2007, after being part of several successful ventures in the contemporary apparel market and developing a taste for sourcing and manufacturing outside of the industry’s conventional ways. He has been active in all of Europe, Asia and around the entire world, which he sees as one global country. 

Thoray was born in Mozambique, Africa, to a gracious Belgium mother and a Mozambican father, a freedom fighter guerrilla commander, who played a crucial role in the independence and building of the country. His adventures start from birth, having been raised between Africa and various countries of Western /Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Thoray, working from the age of 13 years old and being self-educated, led him to become a pure autodidact. He has travelled the world, lived in 11 different countries and today he speaks 8 languages fluently, in addition to being a lecturer at RMIT University, teaching his progressive technique of sourcing and production to new generations.

From the very beginnings in Thailand, Deepwear was and still is, about human relationships and social development, with style. Thoray continues the revolution in honour of his father, but in his own progressive way. Sustainable production is a means to bring people together. Connecting, protecting brands, and supporting artisans, as well as established factories from different parts of the globe whilst building bridges between cultures in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. Our core goal is to connect communities, workshops and industrial factories in challenging locations to global fashion & lifestyle brands in the international market. 


Since 2015, the company has opened more than 10+ production and support offices around the world in strategic countries to the industry with an expert team to suit, promising to create a legendary company and organisation. Today, after almost fifteen years, Deepwear continues to act as a bridge and bodyguard for brands globally, with networks and techniques that are always original, unexpected, eclectic, rebellious, sophisticated and efficient. Deepwear balances perfectly between the edge of commercial reality, security and contemporary culture. Linking brands to our international network of professional makers, suppliers, and or creatives in remote locations, giving access to the international marketplace more than ever before. These opened routes to the market creates employment and an opportunity to improve their livelihood and craftsmanship by supporting the brands’ vision to reach their goals.

We are Deepwear!
We’re not your typical fashion manufacturing agency. We’re a team of expert project managers that help brands launch, grow, and manage their reputations. Across Europe, the US, Australia and New Zealand, we are one global team with ten plus doors and a shared philosophy — to do work that shapes the future. We are nimble, gutsy, and invested in our client’s success. Integrity, transparency, and efficiency is our core value. We say what we do, and do what we say.

The Deepwear team is passionate about what we do, and we have fun doing it. We love and enjoy every step of our remarkable journey, no matter the challenge. At Deepwear we are international team players from all over the world, on the ground, and all over the globe. We have commercial awareness and together we aim for sales growth and protection of customer success. We care deeply about the communities in which we operate and live according to the strong values of the company.

Our vision

Deepwear’s vision is to empower fashion designers and brands to have access to a trusted supply chain partner who can guide them, hand in hand, through the process of manufacturing high quality products in the most environmentally and socially sound manner.

expertise, QUALITY & Reliability

Through sharing our knowledge, experiences and communication skills in production we’re able to empower our clients to achieve the highest standard of quality. We are committed to working only with partners & clients who share our values, & intentions...

Transparency & sustainability

We are committed to work in a sustainable, fair & transparent was where our clients are encouraged to come and visit us on site and experience the difference in our way of working.


We believe that your growth in our growth, therefore we are committed to think and at as genuine partners to see mutual benefit. We’re are happy to work on small scale projects which have a protentional to grow with us!

Fashion Model

Sustainable and Profitable


As we do not own the factories that make your products, we work with carefully selected suppliers, many of which have worked with us for many years.

We work hard to ensure that your products are made with respect for the environment, in good working conditions, where workers’ rights are respected.



DEEPWEAR is very careful when choosing business partners. We believe in an industry that, besides profit, also values the environment, people they work with, creativity, and innovation. Certifications held by our manufacturers:


Here are answers to some of our most asked questions relating to our services.

What we do?

DEPWEAR is very careful when choosing business partners. We believe in an industry that, besides profit, also values the environment, the people who they work with, creativity and innovation.

What is the process?

  1. To start, we will schedule an Intro Chat to understand your needs and answer any questions you may have.
  2. Complete your development checklist which details all the design elements we require to start development.
  3. Product Development conversation with a member of our Production team to discuss your designs and complete your factory handover sheet.
  4. Sample stage: you will receive and review your samples
  5. Now we can head straight to production!

Are you able to source recycled fabrics?

Yes! Ethical and sustainable fashion is our priority, and we’re able to source any fabrics you may need.

What are your Minimum Order Quantities?

At Deepwear, we do not have any minimum quantities since we are not a supplier. Suppliers have minimum quantities. Every supplier is different. Therefore, every supplier has different conditions in terms of minimums. Small orders will be directed to small manufacturers, medium-sized orders will be directed to medium-sized manufacturers, and bigger orders will be directed to bigger established factories. It’s all about matching the right project with the right manufacturer.

We have 4 levels of MOQ conditions:

  • Style qty: minimum requirement of 5 styles for our development & production services.

  • Production order minimums: standard minimum requirement of 100 pieces per style.

  • MCQ (minimum colour qty): limit of 2 colour options per style, at no less than 50 pieces for each colour.

  • Size breakdown ratio: maximum of 5 sizes per style (*additional sizes will attract fees).



Can we visit the factory that you find for us?

Of course you can. We are totally transparent and would love for you to visit your chosen factory if you have the time!

This really helps to solidify a strong relationship with the manufacturers, our teams regularly visit factories on behalf of our clients – it creates a great bond and helps make things happen quicker.

You have full power to contact the suppliers, and again we even give you their details for this! This is the entire basis of our service – to help you form a strong relationship with the suppliers.

Do you deal with Quality Control?

Yes, all fabric is inspected before and after printing, any flaws are marked and if number of flaws exceed our standard grade it is returned/re printed. Our markers are computer nested and a coding system ensures the correct styles are cut.

Each machinist sees an entire garment through from start to finish therefore any marks or flaws are quickly picked up. Our QC team will measure, check for flaws, stains and test pull stress areas of the garment.

The production manager & assistant manager will conduct random spot check through out the order cycle.

We’ll send you photos & videos of everything you want to see, and can perform regular QC inspections to assess your products each time you make an order.

What is a tech pack? you make it for me?

A tech pack is the blueprint of your design, which includes you CAD drawings, garment details (e.g. stitching, trims, etc.), size grading specifications and measurements. A good quality should contain all the information required for your manufacturer to develop your patterns and stitch your samples. Tech packs are updated through the sample process, any changes in design should be reflected in the tech pack.

We will provide you with the necessary tech packs to make your designs as trendy and as wearable as possible. We cover all bases so that we can align your mind with our manufacturer, and get your designs to be of the highest quality possible.

You can either send us your physical samples (with any alteration instructions) or you can take pictures of your samples and edit these images to include your seam measurements, then include them in your tech packs. Once you send your physical samples to us, we will use them to obtain production costs for you. This will take longer than if we have your tech packs but it does make things much easier if you are looking to replicate your samples.

If you just have sketches you’ll need to turn your sketches into clearly drawn supporting images for your tech packs, with corresponding seam measurement lines. But you can still use them.


Can i ensure my designs aren’t stolen or copied?

We only share your tech packs with the ethical manufacturers in our network whom we trust implicitly. When you’re not in production, your intellectual property is stored off-site for protection against design exposure.

What are your production lead-times?

On average, we estimate anywhere between 4-6+ months lead-time- from sketch to delivery to your door. This timeline can vary, largely depending on which stage of the process you begin with us, your sourcing strategy, the complexity of your product, and the manufacturer’s capacity. Raw material lead-times can also be a key factor in determining the overall production timelines.

Manufacturers are environmentally friendly?

We pledge to work with ethical and sustainable manufacturers and suppliers that put the planet first. Our factories have the following certifications:

SA8000 Standard certification in 2016
Sedex registered
Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
OCS Blended – Organic Content Standard
OCS 100 – Organic Content Standard
Global Recycle Standard
Better Cotton Initiative participant

What types of fabrics are you able to source?

We’re able to source fabrics from all over the world, so just let us know what exactly you require.

What do I need to bring to my intro chat?

The more detail, the better!

Please come prepared with the following information for each design, so we can best help you out:

1- Garment construction – reference image or sketches
2- Desired fabrications – images or physical examples you have on hand
3- Colour reference images

The purpose of this chat is to assess whether we can meet all you design needs and objectives.