France is known as the country of luxury, fashion ,and beauty, with Paris as one of the world’s fashion capitals and it evidently meant Deepwear had to have its presence there. Paris has always been a beautiful blend of Vintage graceful luxury and modern minimalism, two thinngs that resonate with Deepwear so well.

At Deepwear Paris, we connect and specialize in providing custom products to the Parisian fashion industry. We help brands create their collections and establish their brands right from conception to execution.Our team in Deepwear Paris works amidst the hustling and bustling locality of the Rue Saint-Fiacre, Paris, where connecting with people is easy, fun, and efficient.


We specialize in luxury and fashion retail and offer our services to all players in the field on the global stage.
What prompted the creation of DEEPWEAR in 2014, was the desire to look at more unconventional ways of approaching work inside the fashion industry. Besides interjecting new and exciting ideas that transcend what is commonplace, we add more personal elements that lead to meaningful and successful professional partnerships for everyone involved.

Our expertise covers the full array of French fashion market sectors and luxury consumer goods including Women’s, Men’s, Children’s, Apparel, Accessories, Jewelry, Beauty, Home Decor, and Design.

Model wearing a sheer backless dress

FASHION Sourcing in France

As a French Fashion Sourcing agency, Sourcing for and from France and having our office located in the heart of the city gives us an additional advantage of having access to the latest trends all the way from luxurious couture houses, Artisanal old school workshops to the world-renowned Parisian street style. We cover all fashion categories of the luxury market (Women’s, Men’s, Accessories, Home, fragrances ). Our good knowledge of overseas markets, our established network of designers, press offices and fashion federations allow us to offer the best opportunities to our clients as well as a personalized service that can be tailored to their market and to their needs.

We are continually scouting for new collections and are only proposing products that will meet our clients’ needs and expectations. DEEPWEAR has a privileged manufacturers network that allows us to work on specific projects (private brands, exclusive products). To know more about our Sourcing services, contact us.

FASHION Manufacturing in France

While France is more known for its beautiful couture houses and luxury outlets, this cannot be separated from the skill, craftsmanship and talent of the couturiers there. France is home to few of the most exquisite craftsmanship of the highest degree of perfection, luxury and finesse. We at Deepwear aim to establish a Made in France label that can be an ethical and fair representation of wonders there and promote and facilitate easy and good access to the French Manufacturing industry.

Our Project managers and merchandiser can assist with every step of the production process of Manufacturing in France and are always on the ground overseeing every single element of your product to ensure nothing short of perfection is achieved.

Handmade shoemaking process
Arc de Triomphe, France

Fashion buying in France.
As a Buying agency in France, What is important to us at DEEPWEAR, is to do things we feel passionate about, stay open to fresh ideas and exciting projects and pursue them if they feel right. Our clients include small and big high-end brands with very fine high-quality requirements. We have contacts with suppliers and factories with readymade and customizable collections be it Bags, accessories, Footwear, garments, jewelry, etc.

Fashion Design in France. Now with ease and elegance.
Having our office in the heart of the fashion capital gives us first-hand insights into the trends, styles and market changes at the very top tier of the fashion Pyramid, which then helps us immediately implement and adapt according to those changes. Deepwear Paris can help add luxury and finesse to your products with our Fashion Design consultation, and perfection with our technical design services.

Image production in France.
We can help portray your brand in a different light and help your express your brand’s concept, story and philosophy by organizing photo/video shoots, catalog shoots, campaigns or even take care of the complete art direction. We have our feet in the realm of French Fashion photography and can guide you through it too.