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Crochet, Knit and Weaving fashion products

Crochet, Knit, Weaving

Crochet and knitting have been a part of history since the beginning initially seen as an affordable alternative to lace, eventually gaining their own pedestals. All of us remember the popularity Crochet and knitting got in the ’60s. The flower power movement further propelled these handmade intricate techniques, while peacefully making a statement. Crochet, knitting, and weaving have undoubtedly had a great relationship with the general public over the years. Today, the return of these techniques is due to that desire to appreciate the little things and go back to the freedom and comfort these handmade pieces represent, at the same time, being able to connect with our roots, and nature more, along with the growing attention to the much-debated issue of sustainability.

Women working in garment knitting factory

Now, brands and designers are going back to eco-friendly handcrafted products that have a unique and timeless approach. However, the revival of this trend on the high fashion scene is also dependent on its versatility. It’s not only a sustainable style but one that can be transformed through many patterns and into many different products. Their beauty has ensured they are adopted by all product categories from Bags, shoes, jewelry, garments to home decor. Let’s have a look at all the products you can experiment with crochet, knitting, and weaving.

Man working in garment weaving factory

1. Garments

With more people drifting towards closet constants, sentimental clothing pieces are at a peak, and what more sentimental than a handmade piece of garment. The garments made from Crochet, knitting, or weaving do add a tactile element and can elevate an otherwise monotonous outfit. When it comes to garments, Crochet and knitting can be incorporated into various pieces like the iconic sweater vests, jumpers, tops, cardigans, bralettes, skirts, and even pants. To know more about the possibility of producing or sourcing Crocheted or Hand-knitted garments, click here.

2. Accessories

Knitted, crocheted, and Woven accessories are widely sought after simply because of how unique and interesting they look. The great thing about these accessories is that they let one embrace the trend but they comprise a small part of the outfit and are hence easy to incorporate into multiple looks. These handmade fashion accessories are only restricted to one’s creativity and range across multiple product categories like socks, scarves, gloves, beanies, belts, etc. Want to know more about crocheted and knit accessories? Click here.

3. Bags

Knitted and crochet Handbags are actually pretty functional.  Portraying obvious chill vibes, these handcrafted bags can be the ultimate piece to complete any outfit. From gorgeous tote bags to woven leather clutches, there is a hand-made Bag to suit every Brand’s aesthetic. Check out more about the production of crocheted and knit bags.

Handmade fashion bags

4. Shoes

We wrote before of the versatility of these techniques and now we come to footwear. When it comes to shoes, there are so many handmade options to go with. You can opt for Macrame braided shoes, Woven leather shoes, and even Crochet footwear for that matter. With these techniques, comfort is a given since all of these techniques incorporate ease into their making and fit the shape of the wearer’s foot. Know more about how and where to source these shoes here.

5. Jewelry

Jewelry was a pleasantly surpriJewelry was a pleasantly surprising version of these techniques that blew our minds. Be it woven jewelry pieces, crocheted earrings like hoops, hand-knit pieces in various products like Earrings, necklaces, rings, woven bracelets, etc. You can truly explore when it comes to materials, techniques, embellishments, and trims to produce custom handmade jewelry to fit your brand’s aesthetics and image with Deepwear, Check out our Jewelry page to know more.

Handmade jewelry and Footwear

There are innumerate possibilities, and truly you can go as high as your creativity takes you as long as you are confident about your production specifications and contacts. This is where deepwear can help you. We have teams all over the globe from Thailand and Morocco who can provide the highest quality Crocheted, knit, and woven products at the most competitive prices. We can connect with you large-scale and small-scale handmade product manufacturers, Artisans, workshops, wholesalers all around the world. No matter what your requirements are, Deepwear believes in offering solutions to all your queries be it production, sourcing, sampling, quality checking, logistics, etc. Working with handmade techniques, it is important to understand that the artisans are not usually used to mass manufacturing products, and while these products are known for their distinct features, it is important to have someone on the ground to supervise and ensure the quality and design is consistent. 

The best part is that we offer 360’ service which means along with your handmade products, we can also take care of branding, tags, packaging, shipment to make sure you don’t have to worry about any of those things. We believe that the service we offer is distinct, because at every step we are on the ground, supervising everything to ensure they fit the Deepwear standard of quality. The client is directly in contact with artisans

Handmade Garments and Footwear

Unlike many other companies, we work with you and for you, being your bodyguard, to make sure everything fits your expectations. We understand your brand values, your budgeting restraints, and your needs and put the quality of your products and our service as our priority. We are not an agency in the western world with ‘contacts’ in the east, we have our own offices and team members stationed in each of the production countries to ensure better efficiency and control.

Set up a one-on-one consulting phone session with our CEO Mr.Thoray to address your specific sourcing needs! Or you can email us for more information or to schedule an appointment today.

While you invest time in getting your brand out there, we will take care of all that is needed for success.

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