CMT vs FPP: What is the best method for garment manufacturing?

Garment manufacturing

Whether you’re newly starting out in the fashion industry or have an established venture, one of the most vital yet difficult decisions to make would be finalizing your manufacturing requirements and sources. Working with apparel manufacturers, trying to understand the specifications, and figuring out how to match your design requirements with the factory’s offers can be quite overwhelming and to be quite honest, sometimes scary too.

It is most definitely not a small decision, and your money is riding on how well you make your decision. To make better-informed decisions, it is crucial that you plan and research every single component thoroughly before finalizing anything. Most new designers assume that once we contact a factory, they will do the garment production from the start to finish, and while that might sometimes be possible, it’s not always the case.

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Options for Garment manufacturing Processes

There are two primary methods of garment production while approaching a factory. The CMT method and the FPP method. They both have different things to offer and are suitable for different scenarios.

CMT manufacturing

CMT (Cut, Make and Trim). It simply means the factory will Cut, make and trim your product designs into finished products.In this type of garment manufacturing, the CMT clothing factory will only take care of constructing the garment, and you need to arrange everything else like designing, tech packs, grading, pattern making, fabric sourcing etc. 

CMT can be an efficient option for brands or designers who are already producing things on a smaller scale and have all the specifications ready and are looking to expand their production quantities. By using CMT, you have complete control over your garment design, fabric CMT can be an efficient option for brands or designers who are already producing things on a smaller scale and have all the specifications ready, and are looking to expand their production quantities. By using CMT, you have complete control over your garment design, fabric selection, and other smaller details like tags, labels, etc. To adopt the CMT method it is extremely important to have a full understanding of the process to make sure that no errors happen in the initial planning. Providing a detailed tech pack is essential, and the factory would not be responsible for any errors in the specifications provided by you. CMT is cheaper when compared to FPP due to the fact that the factory has very minimal interaction with your process and simply follows the guidelines you set. In our experience, CMT can be quite dangerous when you are not organized and ready for it. It makes it easier for factories to take advantage of you by brushing the responsibility on the other fabric and trim suppliers or even yourself, and eventually, by trying to save money you’ll end up losing more money. In CMT the factory is not held responsible for anything related to components and fabric suppliers(except for errors in production techniques), and if something goes wrong you’ll have no control of the situation you won’t know whom to approach or complain to. It is not a recommended option for new brands or labels with small order quantities. Experience, technical knowledge, and Financial power are required to maneuver the fields of CMT production.

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CMT Garment manufacturing

FPP manufacturing

FPP means Full Production Package and as the name suggests, is a comprehensive plan where the factory is involved and responsible from start to finish. The factory can provide inputs regarding the feasibility of your garment designs, source fabrics for you, check measurements, grading, do pattern making and take care of the manufacturing process. 

When starting out, complex factory terminologies and specifications can be a little difficult to grasp and by working with FPP, the worry of messing things up is less. Usually, these factories have in-house pattern specialists and can make the process easier and more effective.

FPP clothing manufacturers will work with you, providing their inputs wherever needed. The factory will be able to provide fabric options, alternatives and suggestions too. The downside of FPP is the fact that the sourcing options are comparatively limited, and there might be some instances of compromising with the fabric selection, but this is where Deepwear can help you. We can work with the factories, and help them source the necessary fabric and trim suppliers needed. Some great factories opt for CMT simply because they do not have the necessary contact to sustain the whole production process from start to finish, but here Deepwear can support them and source the required materials or trims.  But one of the major advantages of FPP is the experienced guidance you get from the factory, sometimes in areas, you wouldn’t have even considered thinking about. For young brands, the legalities of production and logistics can be complicated, and with a great FPP partner, you can ask for help regarding it. Approaching an FPP method of garment manufacturing can be time-efficient too since there is only one person holds responsible with for all your queries: the factory, whereas in CMT  clothing manufacturers, you have to coordinate between your designer, pattern maker, fabric manufacturer, and many other parties and also with the factory. This can lead to time lost in communication.

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FPP Garment manufacturing

Which garment manufacturing option is better? CMT or FPP?

Choosing CMT or FPP cannot be a clear answer, since there are various factors to consider before arriving at a conclusion. They both have their own benefits and they have their own drawbacks. It is important to research and understand your own production needs before approaching a factory. Personally, at Deepwear we believe and advise approaching a Full Production package since it has better accountability, but We also understand that some brands prefer the CMT methods, and we cater to their needs too.  As for any guidance you require, we at Deepwear will always be there to help you. To have a clearer understanding of your production needs and the type of production plan to choose, book a consultation.

At Deepwear, we understand the issues an existing or new brand might face, and we know how difficult it can be. We offer industry guidance based on our experience and expertise to help you navigate your production journey better. We have apparel manufacturers who follow CMT as well as FPP production methods. Depending upon your preferences, we can connect you to the right garment factory. We are your Bodyguards, we will make sure you don’t get scammed and get the products you were promised. 

Considering your budget restraints, design expectations, time schedule, branding, quality, and many other factors, we can provide you with suggestions that can take all the worry of manufacturing off of your shoulders.

No matter which option you choose, you can rely on us to make garment manufacturing smooth, consistent, efficient, and hassle-free for you. To discuss your brand’s business model and prospective manufacturing model, contact us today. These options are also applicable to the production of other Fashion and Lifestyle products like bags, shoes, accessories etc.

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