How A Fashion Consulting Agency Helps You Grow Your Brand

Welcome to the exciting world of Deepwear – a cutting-edge fashion technology provider that’s shaking up the industry with revolutionary ideas. Let’s grow your fashion brand with consulting agency

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own unique clothing line, but not known where to start? Well, Deepwear can make it happen! 

Deepwear is a fashion consulting agency that offers services for fashion brands and brings their designs to life through advanced solutions and digital services. Deepwear also values transparency and acknowledges the importance of ethically sustainable fashion production. 

In this post, we will take you on a virtual journey into our everyday operations so that you can get an inside scoop on what exactly goes into creating something extraordinary. So unleash your creativity and join us in our day-to-day workings: from clothing designs created in dreams to finished products ready for trendsetters! 



Thoray, CEO and founder, always had a unique upbringing that gave him the wide-eyed perspective of a global citizen, driving his passion for creating Deepwear in 2007, the starting of fashion consulting agency. Drawing on success from previous ventures within the fashion industry and an appreciation for unconventional sourcing methods, Thoray rapidly grew this brand into one that would span across Europe.

And since its establishment in Thailand, Deepwear has dedicated itself to something greater than just style – meaningful human relationships and social progress with a modern twist that emphasizes sustainability along every step of production. 

Over time, the company has forged countless bridges between cultures across Asia, Africa & all the way through South America by connecting established brands that prioritize quality craftsmanship from artisans over machine-driven results. And by uniting communities both near and far, Deepwear hopes to make social development as stylish as ever!

And as Deepwear experienced a fascinating journey around the world, it crafted the perfect platform upon which to build the company’s success. With such a solid foundation, Deepwear stands ready to embark upon more adventures in the years ahead on a fashion consulting agency and providing services


At Deepwear, we don’t just work together – it’s a true team effort. Our international squad brings different perspectives and talents to the table that strengthen our mission. 

On top of this, we strive for sales growth while driving brands to success. Our global reach spans Australia, Bulgaria, China, France, India, Indonesia, Morocco, New Zealand, Portugal, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam, and Spain  – all with one objective: shaping tomorrow’s future today. 

With that said, the company’s open attitude towards conversations in various languages allows for stronger connections with the people it does business with, leading to a deeper understanding of different ways of working – this in turn results in much more efficient production cycles and creating ever-stronger bonds across international lines. Deepwear truly reflects what it means to be a progressive, multicultural organization, one which continuously strives to bring diverse communities together.

Grow Your Brand with Fashion Consulting Agency

For instance, Deepwear has a reliable source for artisan products from Asia, good quality denim from Turkey, sustainable materials as well as access to India’s vast manpower resources for your fashion brand. And by utilizing a skilled team of professionals, we have developed extensive partnerships to bring excellent goods to the global market. 

Here at Deepwear, we take fashion and trends seriously. We have an expansive network of factories located in countries worldwide that keeps us informed about the latest trends, ensuring that we provide clients with the best possible options. Our dedicated global team works round-the-clock to keep all of our processes up and running, meaning that orders can be filled and production can be monitored constantly. 

We also understand that it is important to stay on top of the trends in jewelry and accessories to keep ahead of the game and provide premium quality products that our customers are sure to love. 

That’s why we have a dedicated team member responsible for ensuring our range of jewelry/accessories and garments is always up-to-date with current styles. They consult with industry leaders, designers, and trend experts to stay informed of the latest looks before they even hit the markets. 

From exceptional quality control to reputation building, our core values remain paramount in everything we do. Integrity, transparency & efficiency are always at hand when it comes to delivering excellence for each customer’s individual needs.

And this thoughtful approach has made every step fun-filled yet impactful.



You have to try really, really hard not to love Thailand and so does our fashion consultancy.


Rocking a lehenga or a suit like a pro, Deepwear is into the roots of Indian fashion.


Trendy and elegance are the largest parts of our fashion consultancy in China.


Culturing the swirling fashion industry in Morocco – not a big challenge to the senses.


Pressing fashion diamond in the Netherlands as hard as possible to make a precious one.

United Kingdom

Continuing the British legacy of beautiful fashion with pure guidance & clarity.


Immaculately dressed and neatly styled – check out our Spanish fashion consultancy.


The romance of the Turkey fashion industry is one of the reasons to fall in love.


We are talking about heaven on the Earth and the rhythmic fashion it has.


Dreamy beaches of Portugal and picture perfect fashion on the streets.


Handpicked the best – a line-up of Australian fashion specialists loving fashion as much as you do.


Deepwear team in Paris, France, covers the full array of French fashion market sectors and luxury consumer goods.


Streetwear or modern, it’s all about pure mix in the Vietnam fashion industry.

United States

Connecting you with verified clothing manufacturers, making it smarter, simpler, and easier for clothing brands and fashion designers to reach professionals


Find Bulgaria based clothing manufacturers that are verified and ready to take on your job.


Partnering with clients who embody quality, ethics and connection is our core value. We believe in the power of teamwork- harnessing skills to create a collective effort that elevates standards & strengthens relationships. 

Not only fashion consulting, with Deepwear, we also support brands to achieve the highest level of product quality without compromising their commitment to environmental sustainability or social responsibility. 


Our adherence to making a real difference is evident in our sustainable and ethical practices.

In our workplace, clients can come to discover the equitable way we work. They can see for themselves and experience firsthand the unique atmosphere of fairness, openness, and transparency we strive for every day. 


We’re dedicated to bringing out the best in each other by joining forces. It’s all about shared success, so we take on projects of any size that have the potential for growth together. 

Deepwear recognizes that the success of our partners is integral to achieving greatness. We strive towards fostering their business’s growth – because only then can ours reach its fullest potential too.

With you in little steps and huge leaps, let’s make our dreams a reality!


At DEEPWEAR, we select our business partners based on more than just profit. We stand for an industry where progress is measured by how it takes care of the environment, and its people as well as its devotion to creativity and innovation. Our impressive portfolio includes manufacturers holding some of the best certifications in their fields: 

  • BSCIC Management Systems Certification
  • Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)
  • Global Recycled Standard
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) 
  • SA8000 Standard
  • Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX)
  • Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) 



Fashion Manufacturing Services

DEEPWEAR offers end-to-end reliable fashion manufacturing services for all your garment, jewelry, and accessories needs. We strategically select offices located near garment factories, apparel manufacturers, and suppliers, which allows us to compare prices from several countries in real-time. 

Our highly knowledgeable team is eager to bridge business leaders with the industry’s best manufacturers. Moreover, our unique combination of quality control and merchandising allows us to monitor garment production, making sure all customer expectations are fulfilled from initial designs until final delivery, guaranteeing satisfaction every step of the way!

Fashion Sourcing Services

Deepwear has made it possible for fashion products to be sourced from all over Europe and Asia, offering global insights with a local touch. Our experienced teams in Australia, Portugal, Thailand, India, China, and Turkey provide comprehensive fashion sourcing services like recommending premier suppliers or fabrics, providing advice on procurement strategies, or conducting extensive research operations. 

We can provide you with set reports that analyze the various aspects of entering a foreign market. These encompass anything from quotations to clearances and logistics, ensuring a smooth transition for your business. We don’t just offer enticing websites – we build strong relationships with our factories and suppliers through physical audits performed by experienced personnel on-site.

Grow Your Brand with Fashion Consulting Agency

Fashion Buying Services

We offer fashion buyers and designers a world of possibilities! Our expansive selection of ready-to-wear collections, garments, jewelry, and accessories provides spirited shoppers with all they need to curate the perfect wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for ready-made pieces or items that can be tailored to fit your customer’s needs precisely, we’ve got you covered.

Fashion Logistics Services

Deepwear is your one-stop shop for logistical support. We handle everything from storing label stock to packing, transportation, and warehousing – all tailored specifically to meet the needs of our clients! Don’t settle for anything less than perfect; let us craft a custom shipping solution that fits your project’s unique requirements. Contact us today for an unbeatable price quote!

Fashion Distribution

Deepwear is a provider of fashion solutions, crafting personalized strategies for individual labels and global giants alike. We deliver expert guidance and top-notch services throughout the entire production journey – from concept creation right through to distribution.

From the Far East to Western Europe, Deepwear is here to help you unlock international markets and put your business on the global stage. With our wide network of buyers from all over 30 countries, we can showcase your brand in retail stores, showrooms, agents’ offices, and distributors far beyond what was previously unimagined!

Design Services

Our team of fashion and graphic designers specializes in the traditional, digital-savvy world that fuses both mediums into works of originality. The planning behind our design process is intricate so as to ensure the ultimate execution for each piece created. Our services for fashion brands are flexible too; we can provide guidance or even taking your idea from concept to reality. 

Image Production

Deepwear’s Image Production offers a comprehensive array of fashion and lifestyle products to bring fashion and lifestyle visions to life. From small-scale studio shoots all the way up to large-scale location photography, including the following: 


Fashion Consulting

As a fashion consulting agency, Deepwear brings together the latest fashion industry trends, specialist insight and cutting-edge strategies to help build a brighter future for all designer labels. 

fashion consulting agency

Our knowledgeable team of consultants has deep connections with some of the most prestigious organizations in fashion such as Accademia Italiana Thailand, Melbourne Fashion Institute, and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology – enabling us to give professional advice on driving business efficiency while achieving goals. 


Step 1: Concept & Design

Starting a clothing line might be overwhelming at first. That’s why we’re here to provide a single point of contact throughout the entire business process.

Our senior fashion designer and project manager will guide you through the design process – from tech packs, fabric sourcing, planning timelines, and budgets all the way through sampling. 

With our expertise in place every step of this journey, we’ll help ensure that your transition into success is both smooth-running and financially sound!

Step 2: Development & Sampling

In this stage, your Project Manager will work diligently by communicating with all parties involved, from factories and suppliers to your team. 

Now that designs, garment quotations, and budgets are confirmed you can start producing samples for approval!

You will also have access to the reports and tech packs at your disposal to move forward to bulk production. Our quotes account for all required documentation, as well as fitting samples and design work – so you can rest assured that every step of development has been properly documented and updated. 

What’s more: Your final tech pack serves both as a guidebook when placing orders, and also as proof that everything’s gone according to plan.

Step 3: Bulk Production

During bulk production, sampling rounds are conducted to make sure that every product development reaches its highest quality standards – these include pre-production tests and shipping sample checks. The right fashion consulting agency can make it easier for you

Afterward, our Project Manager will strictly monitor the progress of your bulk production, overseeing the overall process and quality control. Once that’s complete, our team will provide you with all the necessary logistics for your product to reach its way to you.


Our team is committed to boosting your brand’s success! Let us help you take the next step in elevating your presence and reach. Contact us today for a consultation and take advantage of our expertise!  

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