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Thailand — known as the Land of Smiles — is a beautiful country found in Southeast Asia. With the beautiful sceneries, diverse ecosystem, and gorgeous geography, it is little wonder that tourists love to visit Thailand. Thailand is a free economy with a well-developed infrastructure. Some of its primary industries include Agriculture, food, and textiles.

In the land of smiles

Thailand is often seen as a destination for clothing and textile manufacturing. Unlike most factories in other Asian countries/regions, some textile manufacturers in Thailand provide relatively low quantities, value-added designs, and other related services. Due to Bangkok being the center of Thailand’s export, manufacturing and logistics clusters, Most of the clothing manufacturers are generally in that area.

Our Fashion Consultancy in Thailand provides various services to enable you to make your own fashion brand. We provide design consultation, fabric/trims sourcing, material sourcing, factories sourcing, product development, production management, packaging design, and quality control services.

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The Silver jewelry in Thailand is exquisite and the market is huge. There are so many small-scale and large-scale Jewelry manufacturers in Thailand. Not only that, Thailand has a huge Wholesale Jewelry market, where buying any kind of silver jewelry can be possible. Apart from that, the Thai manufacturing market also has a lot of Shoes, accessories, and Garment factories in Thailand. The Textile factories in Thailand are not only famous, but they are also exploring newer realms of fashion textiles with ongoing research in concepts like Solar-powered textiles, Antimicrobial finishes, Dirt-resistant textiles, mite-resistant fabrics etc. Due to its history of textiles and its ability to adapt to new changes, Thailand is becoming a key prominent player in the fashion and lifestyle Industry.

It has always been difficult to manage and create a blend of Sustainability and fashion but this is starting to change, especially in Thailand. Sustainable options are growing and flourishing amongst Thai fashion manufacturers and suppliers. The quality of products like Fabrics, garments, shoes, Jewelry in Thailand has always been of high standards and continues to grow. The quality of products like Silk, silver jewelry, Handicrafts has been amazing, and now the focus of most designers and Fashion brands is shifting towards design. We can also help you source garments from Thailand wholesale clothing manufacturers. Our Sourcing team in Thailand can find the best available fabrics manufacturers in the Thailand market and provide fabric sourcing services to match your specific needs. We know the best places to go for each style of fabric and understand how to ensure that the quality is top-notch.

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Thailand can be considered as a worthy competitor to China in some domains , It has a lot of weaving, spinning and garment enterprises that make it an ideal location for an alternate operation base.

To make things easier, we will take you through the process of finding reputable Manufacturers in Thailand, Work on your product design, price negotiation, ordering, packaging, labeling, quality control, packing of the sea or air freight, and documentation. We can assist you throughout the whole manufacturing and production process in a professional manner and will be on your side throughout. We make sure that the garment manufacturers in Thailand deliver the quality materials that you expect.

Deepwear’s services are applicable at any stage that you are at. For people just starting out , we offer consultation services that can act as the right push to propel forward. This will allow you to minimise the mistakes you make along the way and become more familiar with clothing manufacturing process. This is great for those who wish to build their knowledge and work in the fashion industry for years to come.

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Wholesale clothing from Thailand
At Deepwear , we understand that managing wholesale buying and working with international suppliers can be difficult for anyone without the perfect combination of proper skills, resources, and connections. Sometimes even with a good amount of experience, it can be difficult to land a “perfect” deal with wholesale suppliers in Thailand. With the help of us, you’ll not only cover any of the gaps that you’re missing, but you’ll also save a great deal of time while simultaneously gaining a peace of mind as you continue to do business with us.

Don’t worry about Garment designing in Thailand
We can support you even with the initial sketches and make sure we transfer what you envisioned onto paper. We can develop your designs for you. Once you have picked your designs – we can create technical packs or tech packs for each design, which include all the necessary details required for the factory to manufacture your designs.

We can help you create an Image
We know a lot of fashion photographers in Thailand. Thailand is not only beautiful by the sea. All these villages are lovely, with its skyscrapers is great, numerous markets and beautiful parks – all this can also become a part of your photo shoot.

Garments distributors in thailand

As experienced garments distributors in Thailand, we can connect you to various wholesale clothing suppliers in Thailand. As specialists in distribution, our team is experienced, knowledgeable, understanding, efficient, and fashion knowledge allows us to provide the best service.


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