Production Service

DEEPWEAR focus on providing our clients with smooth and reliable production of apparel and accessories. We have offices in close proximity to factories & suppliers and a quality control, merchandising and inspection that team keeps a close eye on the production, ensuring that all of the client’s requirements are captured and met.  Each client works with a personal production manager who is your point of contact throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our production managers provide guidance and support through all stages of manufacturing, and are dedicated to your success. We will track and communicate each step of the production process and strictly keep to agreed timelines.

We offer a complete production and manufacturing service no matter the size your brand or where you are located.

The range of services we offer to assist you in bringing your creations to life include; production planning and scheduling, quoting, advice and sourcing of fabrics and accessories, pattern making, sampling, digitizing, grading, marker making and cutting, manufacturing,  quality control, fitting service, labeling, packing and logistics – all managed by experienced industry experts in fashion production.


Sampling reduces error and risk, which saves money in the long run. We recommend this to all our clients.

Prototype Sampling

Prototype sampling provides you with a tangible representation of your idea to see how your finished garment might look. It is common to have revisions and changes at this stage. To create a pro­totype, we would need a sample or a technical file.

Sales Samples

Sales samples allow you to bring your ideas to buyers without committing to costly inventory. Sales samples give the buyer a full understanding of the available products in your line.

Pre-Production Samples

Pre-production samples showcase exactly what the completed garment will look like in all sizes and styles, including trims, fabrics, and embellishments.  We can assist in organizing this critical step that allows our clients to verify the sizing and grading before going into full production.


Every manufacturer has a story. We seek the best from around the world to make your products.

Technical Detail

A tech-pack is required as to outline the specifications necessary to provide to a factory before a garment is constructed. This document will detail all measurements, quantity, colors, sizing, grading, fabric, embroidery, printing, packing instruction etc. Having a complete tech pack is beneficial in streamlining the process and avoiding unnecessary contact with the designer to validate small details in production.

Deepwear offers the creation of the tech pack as a service to our clients. We allow you to have your factory specifications in-hand whether you’re manufacturing at our facilities or with another organization. If you’re interest in learning more send us a request below and we’ll get started!

Pattern making
This step in manufacturing not only takes skill, but is very important in creating a tangible representation of your vision. Today, we can digitize this technical request, but also typically create paper patterns too

Get the specifications right for your target customer. The cost is based on the number of pattern pieces in the style. We strive to deliver a garment that fits perfectly, just as you


We source great products from suppliers around the world.  We evaluate factories and supplier based on their capability to supply the right product and based on their commitment to quality, safety and compliance.

Fabrics & Accessories play an integral part of your design, choosing the right type at the beginning and getting professional advice will eliminate any issues that may arise at the manufacturing stage –  It just takes time and research to get there. We can help you and guide you in the direction you need to go.


Our logistics network operates around the clock to get products where they need to be

We offer a custom menu of logistics solutions, from warehousing, transport, repacking, customs brokerage, freight forwarding, and other value-added services to make delivery easy.

Our real competitive strength lies in our people, who work closely with internal and external customers to anticipate their needs and develop solutions to meet or exceed their expectations.



Deepwear Branch – Istanbul

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Denim Supplier

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High End Manufacturer

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Garment Factory near Bangkok

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Dyeing Process

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Sportswear Factory

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Washing Process

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Haute couture

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Leather Accessories Production

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Belt Specialized Manufacturer

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Lingerie Factory

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Quality Control

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Deepwear Showroom

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Bag Manufacturer

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Packing Control

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Shoe Factory

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Wholesale Fabric Market

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High End Leather Accessories Atelier

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Door To Door Worlwide Service

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Cutting Table Workshop

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Showroom of a Knitting Factory

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Natural Cotton Fabrics

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Sweat shirt Wholesaler and Manufacturer

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Underwear Factory